Water Features Specialist
Brief info

The History:

Sulaiman has always been and animal lover and outdoor enthusiast. As long as he can remember, he has always been around aquatic life. For his 7th birthday his parents bought him an aquarium and he has had fish ever since.

In 2007, Suliaman started his saltwater aquarium business. He specialized in aquarium maintenance and livestock sales. He imported fish and coals to sell to the local market. This was his pride and joy. His love and enthusiasm for the hobby drove him to propagate high end corals and make affordable for everyone to enjoy. After several years in business, his life took a turn and he had to leave the business for a career change.

In 2020, Suliaman’s love for aquatic life was reignited. Suliaman is an avid outdoors man, he also loves aquatic life. He combined both passions and started Midwest Pond Features and landscape. He started installing water features for his family and friends and soon it became a full-time job.

The Passion: I LOVE MY JOB

Being able to do what you love for work is a blessing. When you build a water feature you build a special relationship with the client. It’s unlike any other industry. Every job you start has the same passion, energy and enthusiasm as the first install. Each day is also meaningful and fulfilling. Using your natural talent drives you to be more creative and innovative with every project.

When you work with someone who has a passion and positive energy it will be passed on. Every client has been amazed at the work we do.

Updated Bio With Maryum:
His Wife Maryum has been with every step of the way. Suliaman and Maryum were married in 2004 when she was 19 and he was 21. They have four boys which help with the business during summer break and holidays. Maryum has always been Suliaman’s business partner throughout their journey. She has worn may hats in their previous businesses and does the same with Midwest Pond Features.