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Pondless waterfall

Get movement and the sound of running water with a pondless waterfall. 

Koi Ponds/Eco-System Ponds

Beautify your yard and relax next to a beautiful ecosystem pond.

Rec pond/ Natural swimming pool

Install a recreation pond/ natural swimming pool to swim with your fish or to take a dip on a hot day.


Add character to your outdoor space with a fountain.
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Let us help you create a serene oasis in your backyard with our expert pond installation services. As dedicated pond installers, we work closely with you to determine the best water feature for your needs, whether it’s a pondless waterfall, fountain, natural swimming pool, or traditional pond.

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    We've Got People Talking!

    Exactly what we always wanted! Beautiful set up and design. Now we can sit back, relax, and enjoy our newest water feature!
    Derek F.

    Suliaman and his team came out and built my pondless waterfall in one day! My wife and I love it! We love watching all the birds and butterflies who come visit it for a drink.
    David G.

    My kids were outside the first day with their chairs and toys playing by the pond. Totally worth it. My only regret is that I wish I had made it bigger.
    Maha B.

    The whole process from beginning to end has been a pleasant experience. Suliaman came back once a week for three weeks to make sure everything was working right. He adjusted the waterfall as needed for redirect the flow. Very pleasant to work with and very happy with the results. I have recommended him to my family and friends.
    Russel S.

    Everything they say about ponds is true. Me and my family spend a lot more time outside hanging out next to the pond. It’s a social magnet! Love it! If you’re not sure about it, just do it. You wont regret it!
    Sharon K.

    I’ve had my pond for 12 years. I always do my own springtime cleaning but this year I wasn’t able to. I called Midwest Pond Features and scheduled my cleanout date. They were there at 8 a.m and didn’t leave until everything was done. I didn’t realize my pond needed so much TLC. They removed five full garbage bags of pond plants, leaves, sticks and muck from the pond. It literally looked like it was brand new. I would definitely recommend them. They are great to work with.
    Sharon K.

    Koi Pond Installation Chicago